Seasonal ---- Winter wonderland

Seasonal --- Halloween

We are adding more seasonal sections soon. which includes Easter bouncy stilt bunnies, tall stilt Bunnies, roller skating Bunnies. Summer entertainment section

For Halloween there is Dracula human statue or Dracula stilt walker.

Flame wings Stilt walkers & flame wings living statues.

There is the ghostly human statues, skull living statue & there is Randolf the Dragon Wizard who has Bob the Dragon who breaths smoke to surprise and delight the guests.


Winterwonderland we have jack frost & ice maiden stilt walkers & Human statues with LED lights. Elf stilt performers and elf human statues, skaters or even fire performing elves.

There is the incredible Snow cats on four legged stilts. winter wonderland toy soilder stilt performers, toy soilder human statues.

There is the Snow butterflies stilt walkers on four legged stilts covered in LED lights.