As an Entertainment Agency we can cover most themes, and can supply some of the best Stilt Walkers, stilt performers on two legged stilts,  four legged stilts as well as the incredible bouncy stilts in the country, Our new Ice cream stilt characters are incredible fun loving the ultimate childrens entertainers, The incredible new Robosteen stilt robots, these two Robots have DVD players, LED lights and head Microphone with speaker. we have harlequin stilts, Period stilts, russian stilts. We now have both Jockeys on bouncy stilts and tall stilts to cover the horse racing theme, then there is Alice in Wonderland stilts, American stilts, Bollywood stilts, union jack and the red white and blue olympic stilts, As well as cowboy stilts, alien stilts, bug stilts, tennis stilts, football stilts, with themed characters to cover ocean/water theme, fire theme, tree theme and nature themed. We also supply stilt walkers like Elvis, Madonna, toy soilders with drums, chef stilts, carnival stilts and all circus stilt characters included. We have aluminated costumes like jack frost & ice maiden, ice butterflies, cosmic walkers, christmas lights, not to mention St. George, feather girls, show girls, cave people and pirates. We supply to uk and worldwide clients, and with many council bookings in the south east/london areas and south, west, midlands and northern area covered.  

We supply Human Statues, living statues, as well as fully body painted statues. Our statue artists will move and amaze your guests. We can cover many themes and colour designs. Statues include: Jockey statues, Golf statues, cricket statues, football statues, harlequin statues, period statues, pirate statues, and column statues, we have aluminated statues as well including the jack frost & ice maiden statues. In addition we have the toy soilder statues, also characters including Dracula statue and Elvis statues as well as our pair of Oscar statues which will always look incredible at an entrance. 

With over 250 costumes available please browse our website to see some of the performers we have available.  Please contact us to get a full breakdown on what Sticks and Stones Productions can offer you for your next special event.  Our entertainers are professional artists with full public liability insurance and never fail to surprise and delight the guests.

Human Statues

This is a sample of the Human Statues that sticks and stones productions can offer.

We have Wedding statues, Wedding entertainers & wedding living statues.

We have over 250 costumes in storage so please contact us if you dont see in the gallery

what you want and we can suggest costumes that might compliment your event.

The latest statues are the Britannia statues for the launch of the new Gold Britannia coin, appearing in many national papers and news reports.

We have the amazing new Bronze Doormen statues with LED candle lights and now the bronze Musician human statues with a Violin player and trumpet player.

Themes include Winter wonderland with Jack frost & Ice Maiden on living statues, Elf statues, Mr & Santa are fantastic on stilts or human statues, Sporting events we have Footballer & refereeliving statues, cricket human statues,Tennis Players, Rugy Player living statue.

Themes include: Union Jacks, American, French Chefs, Russian Cossack, Can Can Showgirls, the amazing butterfly Buggets. Cowboy statues.

There is also the Jockey statues, St.George looking for the dragon.

We have two toy soilders that can be stilts, statues or even rollerskaters. Two elvis human statues with guitars., Cave People living statues , Carnival and Alien statues performers, Pirates , Indian bollywood statue characters.

We have 7 different alice in wonderland characters including Alice, Queen of hearts, King of hearts, mad hatter, two playing cards, and a rabbit.

There is the circus theme with ringmaster and clown on, Grand Priz , Pilots, the 1920s, the red white and blues which appeared for the olympic events. There is also our period Human statues the Duke & Duchess which look amazing for any event including Weddings.    

These Statues have full public liability insurance, CRB checked and will not fail to surprise and delight the guests.